Brief presentation

Article 51 of Law 4647/2019 introduces a provision that allows property owners to declare by August 31 of this year the actual square meters of ​​their properties at their respected Municipality without retroactive consequences, debts and fines. Declaring the actual square meters is decisive for the amount of various charges imposed by the Municipality, such as the Real Estate Tax (TAP), the municipal tax and the municipal fees.

This procedure is also going to facilitate the transfer of a property, since to complete the transfer a no debt certificate is required by the Municipality based on the actual square meters of the property following a certificate issued by an engineer. The most important points for property owners are summarized as follows:

Interested persons

The regulation applies

a) to all property owners who have never submitted a declaration of their property surfaces,

b) to those who at the past had declared inaccurate square meters

c) to those who proceeded in a lawful “regularization” of arbitrary spaces without declaring the additional squares at the respected Municipality.


The deadline of this favorable regulation expires on August 31, 2020. If the declaration is submitted past the deadline (and if the deadline is not extended by the Ministry of Interior), then fines and retroactive debts will be in effect.

These declarations must be submitted on a special online platform ( where the owners will be able to declare the actual square meters without having to visit their respected municipalities.

With this provision, all applicable retroactive debts and fines of previous years calculated on the basis of the new declared squares are deleted. The calculation of taxes and municipal fees upon the newly declared squre meters will begin on January 1, 2020.


Those interested must submit photocopies of their title deed, settlement title (if any), their E9 (tax property declaration) from which their TIN number is obtained, a recent electricity bill and their police ID or passport.

If you are interested to know more about the procedure you can contact  Law Office Stathaki