last will and testament

Writing your last will and testament in Greece is an important step in making sure your wishes are respected after you are gone. It is important to understand the laws that govern wills in Greece, as well as the process of writing and registering your will. Knowing the requirements of a valid will in Greece will help you to make sure that your wishes are respected, and that your loved ones receive the inheritance you wish them to have.

Requirements of a valid will in Greece

In order for a will to be valid in Greece, it must be executed in front of a notary public. In order to make your will valid, you must physically be in front of a notary in Greece who will take a statement from you, sign your will, and then witness your signature. The will may include the property and assets located anywhere within Greek territory.

The required documents for the process are: your passport, your personal details as well as all personal details of your beneficiaries. Other requirements are: a translator and three Greek citizens to act as witnesses. The original document is kept in the notary’s archive where your family and beneficiaries will be able to access it easily after your death, whereas the notarized copy can be sent to the local courthouse, where it will be filed.

What to do if you have foreign assets

If you have foreign assets, you may want to consider including them in your will. That way, you can ensure that your loved ones receive them after you pass away. However, if you leave foreign assets to someone in Greece and do not specify the foreign asset, the beneficiary will have to go through probate in order to collect on your will. To avoid this, you can specify which foreign assets you wish to pass to your loved ones in Greece.

Seeking help from a lawyer when writing your will

It is a good idea to seek the help of a lawyer so as to feel confident in writing your own will. A lawyer can help you to make sure that your will is valid, and that it is written in such a way that your wishes are clearly stated. A lawyer will be able to make sure that your will is fair and in accordance with the law. If you have family members who you do not wish to receive any inheritance from you, a lawyer could help you make sure that your will includes your wishes.


At some point in our lives, we will all have to write our last will and testament. While it may seem morbid, it is an important part of estate planning. Whether you write your last will in Greece or abroad, it is important to understand the laws in Greece.

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