The “Digital Nomad Visa” legislation allows workers to settle and stay in Greece working remotely from such a notably attractive destination. In 2021 the Ministries of Immigration and Citizen Protection, promoted the highly anticipated visa for “digital nomads”, after the eagerness of the Greek Government to meet the international trend of remote working that had significantly bloomed during the pandemic. In 2024 came into force Law 5038/2023 implementing changes in Greek Migration Law.

Law 5038/2023 (i.e. the new Greek Migration Law), regulates residence permits issued to third country nationals for special purposes, including the Digital Nomad Visa and Residence Permit.

The Greek Law states:

“To third country citizens who are self-employed, freelancers, or employees able to provide their services under a contract of employment or services or remote work, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), to employers or clients outside Greece (digital nomads), national entry visas are granted by the competent consular authority for a period of up to twelve (12) months. The third-country citizen and their family members may be granted a residence permit for third-country citizens with sufficient means of living of par. 8 of article 163 (FIP residence permit-type “I.8”), of a two-year duration, following an application submitted before the expiry of the validity of the national visa, subject to article 8.”

Digital Nomad Visa

The national-entry visa is granted to the interested party following a request to the competent Greek Consular Authority, along with the necessary documentation.

In addition to the general required documentation in order to issue a national-entry visa (Digital Nomad Visa), the interested party is required to submit additional documents such as proof of employment, bank statements, minimum monthly income of 3500 euros, health insurance.

Digital Nomad Residence Permit

Provided that the Digital Nomad Visa holder continues to meet the requirements set out in Law 5038/2023 may, along with the members of their family, also apply for a residence permit (indicated in the new Greek Migration Law as Residence Permit for third-country citizens with sufficient means of living).

The Digital Nomad Residence Permit does not provide the right to work or to provide independent financial services in Greece.

In order to apply for the Digital Nomad Residence Permit one should hold the Digital Nomad Visa. Nevertheless, the law provides for an exception for applicants who have already entered Greece on the basis of a Type-C Visa or on the basis of a Visa Waiver regime, to maintain the possibility to apply for a Residence Permit while the Type-C Visa or Visa Waiver regime is still in force.

Consequently, the applicant for a Digital Nomad Residence Permit will also have to submit a lease contract or a purchase contract for a property located in Greece that would attest to the intention of actually residing in the country for the next two years.