Family - Inheritance Law

Our office provides specialized and integrated legal services in family and inheritance law.

Property Law

Our Law Office acts on behalf of native and foreign clients and enterprises (investors, contractors, etc) for all types of real estate providing a wide range of legal services.

Criminal Law

Methodical approach to all the key – elements of each criminal case and representation during all the stages of the criminal proceedings and advisory support to individuals and businesses in the context of their professional activity.

Official Translations

Official and certified translations of degrees, diplomas, certificates and texts (medical, legal etc) from and to the following languages


– 2005, Opening

Triantafyllia – Maria Stathaki starts this law office with a vision dedicated to excellence in the practice of law. She is a graduate of the Law School at the University of Athens in Greece.

– 2006, Aikaterini Tsopela

Leading attorney – at – Law Aikaterini Tsopela joins the law office by providing legal counseling, translation and interpretation services to our Italian clientele department.

She is a graduate of the Law School at the University of Camerino in Italy with a Doctoral Diploma in Family Law.

– 2019, Paraskevi Stathaki

Paraskevi Stathaki resumes her position as a leading lawyer following 3 years of continuous work in multinational companies.

Our law office is profoundly expanded to multinational clientele.



According to the law that was passed yesterday (April 2, 2024) in the Greek Parliament,…

The Greek Minister of Finance revealed forthcoming adjustments to the Greek Golden Visa program, outlined…

The imminent entry into force of Law 5038/2023 on April 1, 2024, has caused concern…

Anticipated adjustments to the golden visa program by the Greek government involve raising investment thresholds…

The National Land Registry is informing property owners in the areas of Skopelos – South…

The possibility of increasing the investment limit for foreign citizens under the “Golden Visa” program…

The next four months will be months of investment fever for the real estate market….

If you are a property owner on the island of Skopelos, South Pelion and Magnesia (below…



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