national land registry

On June 6, 2022 a preliminary report of the National Land Registry was made public. It concerns property owners within the Municipalities of Skopelos (Skopelos, Glossa, Klima), South Pelion ( Argalasti- Metochi- Lafkos- Milina- Promyri- Trikeri), Rigas Fereos, Almyros and Volos (Glafyres- Sesklo- Aidini- Mikrothives).

This report has information of the properties and owners, following the declarations that were collected during the registration procedure.

The purpose of this preliminary report is to update the recorded data, before the final report, by validating their accurateness and indicating any errors.

For forty five (45) days, the owners, have access to the data of their property/-ies, as declared during the registration procedure at the National Land Registry. In this way, the owners become aware of their property rights and the geographic representation.

  • If the information is accurate no additional steps are needed.
  • However if the recorded data are not accurate in some way, the owners have the right to submit a request to review the data, free of charge, within forty five (45) days from the publication date of the preliminary report (end date: July 20, 2022).

After the 45 day period, the examination of the submitted applications for the review of data will follow, along with any reform of the data and in a later stage the process of the final report, for which the owners will be informed anew.

The participation of the owners during the preliminary process is extremely important, as it ensures that the declared properties will be recorded accurately at the National Land Registry avoiding unnecessary inconvenience in the future.

For more information and for the review procedure please contact Stathaki Law Office.

Source: Ktimatologio