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Digital Nomad Visa: Greece’s Tourism Minister, Vassilis Kikilias, has reached an agreement with Visa, a corporation that eases electronic funds and transfers worldwide, for the provision of transaction data between the Ministry of Tourism and Visa, which will help to promote the Hellenic Republic as a favourable destination for digital nomads.

The Ministry of Tourism and Visa discussed new ways to strengthen cooperation and help the country’s digital nomad visa scheme, reports.

According to a statement published by the country’s Ministry of Tourism, the promotion of the Hellenic Republic as a telecommunicating destination for the company’s executives is significant, after it is estimated that Visa can send more than 3 per cent of its staff annually to the country or 21,500 people in the near future.

Such an initiative of the same Ministry has been initiated as a pilot in the first phase in several cities in Greece, such as Ermoupolis, Kalamata, and Heraklion.

The agreement reached between the Ministry of Tourism and Visa ensured the acquisition of valuable data regarding the development of the tourism sector in the country.

At the same time, Visa will help provide a twelve-month comprehensive analysis of tourist spending in the Hellenic Republic made from international Visa cards.

The agreement specifies that the Visa’s standalone tables will be updated for another three years, while the company will promote the Hellenic Republic as a destination to foreign cardholders, while in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, will introduce a travel platform website dedicated to this purpose.

 “As tourism is an important part of the country’s GDP and a leading sector in terms of investments, it is important to formulate a policy based on data. In this regard, we welcome our cooperation with Visa as it will significantly enhance our policy-making capabilities for tourism product design,” the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias pointed out in this regard.

In addition, Kikilias stressed that “these data are a tool that will help us to target our markets more accurately, to identify opportunities and to better organise our strategy for the promotion of the country”.

Last year, authorities in Greece unfolded their plans to introduce a special visa dedicated to digital nomads, which would permit internationals engaged in remote jobs to work remotely from the Hellenic Republic.

The plan was unfolded after an agreement was reached between Greece’s Ministers of Migration and Foreign Affairs in order to help promote remote work through this innovative trend.

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