Residence permit renewal (investors-golden visa holders, family members of EU nationals, digital nomads etc) for all non-EU nationals will move exclusively online from November 16, as announced by the Migration and Asylum Ministry of Greece (

Identification of the user is achieved via mobile phone and email. The communication with the applicant will be conducted exclusively electronically. Lawyers will be able to file applications on behalf of their clients through the Plenary of Greek Bar Associations platform, which interfaces with the state’s information system.

Upon completion of the application processing, the one-stop services of the ministry and the decentralized administrations will send an electronic invitation to receive the biometric data on a predetermined date.

As pointed out in a statement by the Ministry, the aim of the electronic submission of applications is, to avoid overcrowding and waiting in the one-stop services of the Immigration and Asylum Ministry and the competent Directorates of Foreigners and Immigration, as well as to save human resources.

If you are interested in applying for a residence permit please contact Law Office Stathaki

Source: AMNA