Invest in Greece with the Golden Visa Program means quality of life.

Today, more than ever, it seems imperative to invest in a quality of life, close to the natural environment, near the countryside and sea. The Golden Visa program, in its standard form, aims to attract investment and capital inflows in Greece, but there is also the essential side.

A foreign resident for the purpose of obtaining an investor’s residence permit is usually in search for an apartment in Athens, Greece. That would be a logical decision from the perspective view of a potential candidate as Athens is the capital of Greece and there should be an abundance of houses and apartments for sale. 

Be that may, one must consider; where is the quality of life in a house located in a city?

Greece has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world where a potential investor can find a house, a cottage or even an apartment that ensures quality of life and meets all living needs. Places that combine mountain scenery with a spectacular view to the sea.

Mount Pelion, located in the center of Greece, near Volos city,  is a place that is preferred by those who want to enjoy the beautiful mountains with fresh air and snow in the winter and beautiful beaches in the summer for swimming, sea sports, hiking, etc. Pelion remains beautiful year round and is suitable for any kind of activity, as well as for alternative tourism or agrotourism.

Moreover the beautiful island group of Sporades and especially Skopelos, offer a unique combination of dense vegetation and blue-green lacy shores; a true paradise of calm and serenity!

With the amount of just 250,000 euros, one can buy a house in the mountains or on an island that in any other country would have cost three times the value.

Whatever your choice, Stathaki Law Office, located in Volos city, Magnesia, is at your disposal in order to legally support you in any decision you make to invest in real estate in Greece and subsequently obtain an investor’s residence permit.

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